Actin, Ion, Luciferase, Luciferin Are Life

The Human Quorum: Reaching Mount Zion


Many theoretical quantum physicists ponder the universe, the possibility of a multiverse, the implications of quantum mechanics and the structure of life, among other seemingly unanswerable brain teasers.

Although I am simply a writer, I have a hypotheses of my own. This hypothesis is simply that intellect is the direct result of the actin particle. Furthermore, it is my belief that these particles have been attempting to convey this very theory (or message) since the dawn of recorded history.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, you may be right. I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for. Not just any lunatic, but Lucifer himself. Well, not in the biblical sense; in the biochemical sense. Before we get to the Prince of Darkness Y, let’s examine the properties of actin.

Actin is a globular protein found in eukarytes, which are animals with complex closed cellular membranes. It is one of the most highly-conserved proteins known, meaning that the structure has only around a twenty percent difference from humans to algae.

Actin forms microfilaments within the cytoskeleton of a cellular membrane. In turn, this gives actin major functions in cells: Actin provides mechanical support to cells and delivers the pathways by which cytoplasm can assist in signal transduction necessary for intracellular communication. Another major function of actin is the allowance of spontanious cellular movement, known as cell motility. Actin provides the protein necessary to support the contraction of muscles and to transport organelles and vesicles in an organized and efficient manner, contrary to typical diffision, which is far slower.             The formation of bones requires F-actin proteins.

There is a-Actin. b- actin, and F-actin.

Actin is a self-propelled substance. It essential makes decisions and acts accordingly. Most people would call such behavior intelligent, in the sense that it is both sensible and rational behavior.

“We’ve got to reach Mt. Zion.” – Bob Marley.

Ion comes from the Greek word for ‘going’ and was used to describe electrical fields that allowed electrons to pass.

The zinc ion F is strongly linked with 2+ oxygen molecules. In the human body, it places a role in recognizing DNA sequences and it is largely used in electron transport and emission. The immune system requires zinc signalling in order to preserve homeostasis in the body. These behaviors seem to be quite intelligent, also.

The Living Light


The word bioluminesce literally means ‘living light’. It is easily recognized in fireflies, as well as many see creatures. Enter the fallen angel, Lucifer. Lucifer means ‘light-bringer’ and the pigment and enzyme that produce bioluminesce are luciferin and luciferase.

The phosphoressence is a manifestation of intersystem crossing Ä, which requires an electron be in a triple state, or triple point Y. This is a ‘forbidden mechanism’ in quantum mechanics.

So, where to begin with the limitless connections? Ä

The trident carried by Lucifer in archaic imagery has three points, or a triple point. Y

a + W


Calcination- Astro ‘wandering stars (or lights)’ ‘the study of’ –logy

It seems the gods are the wandering stars.

This is to be concluded soon.

-Matthew Wainscott


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